Community Projects

On the surface the Kenyan coast is home to pristine white beaches studded with luxury resorts and teaming with happy people, exotic seafood and a rich array of tropical fruits. However underneath the glamour, we are still a developing country with a high poverty rate and limited access to medical care and quality education for our children and youth.

As an organization, we are very passionate about giving back to our community and to this end we continuously partner with community based organizations that share our vision for a better growing environment for the younger generation.

The following are some of the activities we are actively engaged in:

Mentorship & Motivation Drive in Kilifi County | Smiles of Hope Kenya

Sports & Arts

We work to create an environment that enables our upcoming generation to nurture their talents and keep away from drugs and crime.
We collect both art and sports materials for distribution to the youth and support community sports tournaments and art events that provide a platform for our budding stars to showcase their talents or simply have some therapeutic fun

Girl Power Day in Kwale County | Samba Sports Youth Agenda

Resource Centers

We offer assistance by helping to collect and donate reading material, computers and stationery. Our dream is to eventually be able to help raise the awareness and resources required to put up sustainable community libraries in these locations.

Literacy Event in Kilifi County | Smiles of Hope Kenya


We help inspire the youth by visiting them at the community level or at their schools and engage them in workshops and inspirational talks with the hope of instilling in them a reading culture, computer literacy and steering them away from school dropout and teenage pregnancy.

Mentorship in Kwale County | Samba Sports Youth Agenda

Fair Trade

We purchase our hand crafted corporate promotional items from community self-help artisan groups and also assist in marketing their products by including visits to their workshops in our itineraries for interested guests.

If you would like to visit, support or directly get involved in any of our community projects while travelling with us or from a distance, please get in touch.

Our Partners:

Samba Sports Youth Agenda

The formation of Samba Sports Youth Agenda was necessitated by a growing concern on the rate at which teenagers were degenerating into drug addiction, juvenile crime, forced labour, disease and human trafficking.
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Smiles Of Hope Kenya

A community based organization in Kilifi county on the north coast of Kenya that focuses on mentorship in schools, book drives to promote a reading culture, fighting teen pregnancy and early marriages.
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